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"Managing and Growing your Wealth"

Structured Financial Planning was founded in 2004 to service the financial planning needs of both individuals and businesses throughout the North-East of Scotland in what we believe is a different and better way.

Too often in the past financial services has been based on a product sale. We aim to build long-term ongoing relationships with our clients based on trust and professionalism, managing and reviewing assets on a regular basis, growing our clients and their family's wealth tax-efficiently.

With pensions and investments under advice of over 85 million for over 300 clients, and with both growing year on year, we believe our proposition is meeting clients' financial expectations.

Our management of wealth is about growing our clients assets steadily over time whilst limiting any potential down-side. Wealth management is not just about the maximising of returns but the effective managing of returns against risk.

In uncertain times, clients can be reassured that best efforts are made to try to preserve and grow their wealth.

We utilise the latest technology to research appropriate investments and funds, and provide access for clients via our on-line client portal.

"Independent and Impartial Advice"
Being independent allows us to select the best range of investments and the most competitively priced protection that we can.

We have the ability and flexibility to use new and better investment products as and when these become available.

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