Showing Up – From Visiting the Gym to Making Pension Contributions

Neil Stewart is a Financial Adviser holding the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. This article is not financial advice, it is for your general information and is not intended to address your particular requirements.


I made a few new year’s resolutions this year. It’s not something that I tend to do as we all know most resolutions tend to be out of the window by February. However, this year is a big year for me: I turn 40.

I have no problems with turning 40, I’m married with kids, have a nice house and a great job. I’m fortunate enough to have my ducks in a row. However, I’ve certainly let a few things slip, namely my fitness and therefore my health.

The biggest resolution I made was to “Show Up”.

This meant at the gym, or at a weekly football game, or to try and fix my golf swing at the driving range. It is now March and I’m still showing up, so I think I can chalk that up as a success.

 “Mony a mickel maks a muckle”

Doric phrase. (Many small coins make a larger amount, or lots of small things add up)

There are big similarities in beginning an exercise regime to beginning an investment plan:

  • It may be painful to begin with
  • You won’t notice any benefits particularly quickly;
  • But small changes today will make a big impact in the future.

The equivalent in financial planning to turning up at the gym regularly is to be making regular contributions to your investments.

I don’t go to the gym hoping to morph into Arnie overnight, and I don’t make monthly contributions to my pension in the hope of being a millionaire next month.

By having a robust financial plan in place, and potentially making a few sacrifices today you can set yourself up for life.

At Structured Financial Planning we provide our clients with bespoke financial plans for retirement.

We use a state-of-the-art cash flow planning tool that can estimate how much you need to be saving today to provide you with your desired “inflation adjusted” and after tax income in retirement.

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